The Children’s Commissioner for Wales is there to make sure that all children and young people in Wales find out about their rights. These rights are the things that children need to be safe, healthy and happy. The United Nations has a list of all the rights that children have. As a school we have decided to focus on the following rights. This list is part of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, or UNCRC for short.

Article 6:

You have the right to life and to grow up to be healthy.

Article 7:

Your right to a name and nationality.

Article 12:

Your right to say what you think should happen and be listened to.

Article 13:

Your right to have information.

Article 14:

Your right to follow your own religion.

Article 15:

Your right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs.

Article 19:

You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe.

Article 24:

Your right to good food and water and to see a doctor if you are ill.

Article 28:

Your right to learn and to go to school.

Article 29:

Your right to become the best that you can be.

Article 31:

Your right to relax and play.