We are the Criw Cymraeg. Our aim is to promote the Welsh Language and to inform staff, governors, pupils and parents on our progress in working towards achieving our Siarter Iaith.

This year, we aim to …

  • Work towards achieving our 100 targets for the silver award (Bronze award achieved last year)
  • Promote the use of Welsh on the yard and support pupils to play games in Welsh.
  • Raise money to buy more Welsh signs for the yard.

We have created a Criw Cymraeg in school.

We are excited to have been chosen to pilot this new initiative in our school.


The Criw is made from two children in years 3-6 who enjoy speaking Welsh. The aim is to develop the use of Welsh in our school. We have lots of targets that we have to meet and are currently working towards the Bronze award. We have to collect evidence from around the school to prove how we have met the targets.